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Lithium nitride This metal nitrogen compound has a molecular form of Li3N. It is a red or purple crystalline solid, with a light green luster when reflected and a ruby colour in transmitted light.

Lithium Nitride:

Metallic lithium, when exposed to air in a room temperature environment, can produce lithium nitride. Lithium produces lithium nitride faster in nitrogen than in air. Currently, all of the lithium is being converted to lithium-nitride. It is much more difficult for alkali-metals to form nitrides when compared with this property. It is possible to prepare sodium nitride only by deposition with an atomic-beam at low temperature.
The fine powdered form of lithium nitride can be explosively combustible when heated. It is important to handle lithium nitride in a nitrogen-free atmosphere.

Application of Lithium Nitride:

Solid electrolyte
Lithium nitride has a higher conductivity than other inorganic sodium salts. Lithium nitride has been studied extensively as a cathode and solid electrode material for batteries.

Preparation for cubic boron Nitride
Lithium nitride has many uses, including as an electrolyte. It is also a catalyst that converts hexagonal boron-nitride into cubic boron-nitride.

The organic light emitting device with a layer of electron injection
Organic Light-Emitting Devices have many advantages, including a full-solid state, active emission, wide viewing angles, fast response speeds (1ms), a large operating temperature, the ability to be manufactured on flexible substrates, and low unit energy consumption. Lithium nitride is used to enhance the performance of OLEDs by incorporating it into the tris (8 hydroxy quinoline ) aluminium (Alq3) layers.

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