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Is Bismuth Telluride a property? Bismuth informuride a grey powder with the molecular form Bi2Te3. Bismuth Telluride has an indirect band gap semiconductor of 0.145eV and electron and hole mobilitys of 0.135 and respectively 4.410-2m2/(Vs) at room temperatures. It also has a thermoelectric quality coefficient (1.610-3K). Bismuth Telluride has a density 7.8587g/cm3 with a melting temperature of 585°C. Bismuth informuride exhibits the characteristics of a topological insulation, which allows electrons flow free on its surface and without losing any energy. Methods for making bismuth informuride are the Bridgman and zone smelting methods, as well as Czochralski. Bismuth Telluride is a semiconductor substance that has high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity.

Where can I find Bismuth Telluride in my area?

High-performance thermoelectric semiconductors made from bismuth-telluride-based thermoelectric semiconductors can perform well in both the low and high temperature ranges. They can be used for precise temperature control and local refrigeration in areas such as microelectronics. There are good applications for them in thermoelectric power generation and industrial waste heat recuperation. To increase the thermal conductivity, phonon scattering can by enhanced through alloying. Additionally, it is possible to optimize the carrier concentration to enhance the electrical performance. This will improve the thermoelectric performance for the bismuth Telluride-based material. Although it is not dangerous, large quantities can prove fatal. The material is able to allow electrons on its surface to move at room temperatures without energy consumption. This will increase chip’s operating speed, and can even greatly improve computer chips’ work efficiency. Eab Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional Bismuth Telluride company with more than 12 years of experience in chemical products development and research. We can provide high-quality bismuth informuride. Please contact us to send an enquiry.
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