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Germanium dioxide This inorganic compound has the molecular formula of GeO2, and its electronic formula is that of carbon dioxide. Germanium oxide is primarily used to create metal germanium. However, it can also be used for semiconductors and spectroscopy.

Germanium Dioxide Properties

Germanium dioxide comes as a white powder, or a colorless crystal. There are two types of germanium dioxide: a hexagonal crystal system that is slightly soluble (stable at lower temperatures) and a tetragonal crystalline system that is insoluble. Its transformation temperatures is 1033degC.
Germanium oxide is not soluble in water or hydrochloric, but it can be made soluble by lye. Germanium dioxide with hexagonal structure has more soluble in the water. It can also produce germanic acid by interacting with water. When germanium oxide and germanium powder is heated at 1000degC together, germanium monooxide can be produced.

Germanium Dioxide Applications

1. Germanium dioxide, which is used for the production of germanium as well as in electronics, can also be found.

2. Germanium oxide is used in semiconductors. It is produced by heating and oxidizing germanium, or hydrolyzing germanium chloride.

3. Germanium oxide is used for a variety of purposes, including as a raw materials to produce metallic germanium or other germanium-based compounds, a catalyst when preparing polyethylene terephthalate, and a semiconductor.

4. Germanium oxide can be produced into optical glass-phosphors. These can then be used as catalysts for conversion in petroleum refining and dehydrogenation. They can also be adjusted to adjust gasoline fractions.

5. Germanium oxide is also used as a polymerization catalyst. Glass that contains germanium dioxide is more refractory and has better dispersion. It can also be used for wide-angle lenses and microscopes.

6. The use of germanium dioxide has increased with the technology. It is now used to produce high purity metal germanium and germanium compounds in pharmaceuticals, PET resin, electronic products, etc.

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