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What is amorphous boran powder? Amorphous Boron has more active properties compared to crystalline Boron. Crystalline Boron is so hard it is often substituted for diamond in the manufacture of cutting tools or drill bit. To prevent oxidation of metal at high temperatures, a small quantity of boron is added to the metal smelting processes.
Amorphous Boron Powder is an important energy material. In a composite solid fuel as a solid propellant, its calorific volume is nearly three times that of hydrocarbon fuel. Density is only slightly less than aluminum. Amorphous Boron’s large surface area and irregular shape cause its ignition temperature to drop dramatically.
Amorphous boron Powder: Characteristics
Amorphous Boron Powder is a dark, odorless brown powder. It can be ignited at 700 degrees and oxidized by heating it to 300. It is used as a boron fine product in many fields, including metallurgy. Commonly used in deoxidizers, airbag initiators, rocket fuel igniters, etc.
Amorphous Boron has more active properties chemically than crystalline Boron. Crystalline Boron is so hard it is used as a substitute for diamond when making drill bits or cutting tools. To prevent metal oxidation, a small quantity of boron is added to the metal-smelting process. Boron-copper is used, for example to make control rods in atomic reactors. Boron is a black, dark brown, or gray powder. At room temperature it can react with Fluorine, but not hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, or hydrochloric aqueous acid solutions. Boron is not soluble with water. However, it can be dissolved in boiling nitric or sulfuric acids, and in most metals, such as iron, copper, manganese and aluminum. It is widely applied in many fields, including metallurgy.
Use of boron powder
1. In terms of energy, boron is the best nonmetallic additive. Because of its irregular form and large specific area, boron powder’s ignition temperature decreases significantly.
2. Boron is an important raw material in the production of boron halide, as well as for the preparation of boride raw substances.
3. Oxygen free copper smelting oxidizer: Addition of small amounts of boron in the metal smelting procedure, one hand to act as a oxidizer and prevent metal oxidation when heated;
4. Boron powder, used in alloys to improve metal properties and form alloys, is used to create special metal products.
5. Boron powder may also be used to weld.
6. Boron Powder for Solid Rocket Propellant
7. Boron powder used as a catalyst for airbags in automobiles
8. Magnesium Carbon Brick Additive for High Temperature Furnace of Steelmaking
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