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sodium hydrogen sulfate is a dry acid that can be found in a wide range of cleaning products including toilet bowl cleaners, metal finishing and water treatment chemicals. It is also commonly used as a leavening agent in cake mixes and in meat and poultry processing, as well as being an ingredient of anti-browning products that are applied to fresh cut produce. It is FDA approved for use in food and has been added to the EPA Safer Chemicals Ingredients List. The chemical is also AAFCO approved for use in animal feed and has been used to reduce urinary stone formation in cats. It is also an important component in jewelry making to clean the oxidation layer on surfaces, and is used as a reagent for decomposition of basic metal oxides by fusion. It is toxic to some echinoderms but relatively harmless to other organisms and has been used in controlling outbreaks of crown-of-thorns starfish in Hawaii.

CAS Number: NaHSO4

In its anhydrous form, sodium bisulfate is a white granular solid that is hygroscopic and has a melting point of 218°C. It dissolves rapidly in water to give strongly acidic solutions.

The anhydrous form of sodium bisulfate is a dry, granular product that can be safely shipped and stored. It is corrosive to tissues and metals, and is reactive to many organic compounds. When exposed to air, it absorbs moisture and becomes a slurry of granules (hygroscopic).

Solutions of sodium bisulfite are acidic, with a 1M solution having a pH value of 1.

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