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Quartz powder summary Natural quartz (SiO2) or Fused Silica powder Powder is obtained by breaking (natural quartz high temperature melting, cooled SiO2), flotation (or vibration or airflow), pickling, purification of high-purity drinking water, and other multichannel processes. Quartz powder is an inorganic, nonmetallic, nontoxic material that is non-toxic and odorless. It is also non-pollutible. Quartz powder is used mainly in integrated circuit packaging for large-scale, as well as in aerospace and aviation, paints, binders catalysts, precision castings and high-voltage components. Due to its wide range of applications, it is rich.
Divide Level
There are several types of silicon fine particles: common silicon fine, silicon grade powder for electronic applications, silicon grade powder for electrical purposes, silicon grade powder for molten silicon, ultrafine silicon grade powder and “spherical’ silicon grade powder.

Divide by use
You can divide the silicon fine particles into paint coating, epoxy floor, silicone fine powder and sealant.

Separated according to production processes
Silicon fine powder can also be classified into crystalline, molten, square quartz, and active.
1. Crystalline silicon Powder
The crystalline silica powder This is natural high-grade quartz that has been produced through a unique grinding process without iron. Its color is white and pure. The process maturation has given it stable chemical and physical characteristics, along with a controllable, reasonable particle size distribution. The crystalline silica fine powder can also be classified into three different grades: electronic grade crystalline silicone fine powder, general filler grade and high purity. The crystalline fine powder is widely utilized.
2. Fused Silica powder
Fused Silica powder This powder is made from high-quality natural Quartz, but it is also a powder that is created by a unique process. In this case, the molecular structures are changed from an ordered arrangement to one of disorder. The powder is white in color, has a high purity, and also has characteristics like: low expansion coefficient, good electromagnetic radiation, chemical stability, such as chemical corrosivity, reasonable or controllable particle sizes. Widely used is the range of fine powder molten silicon.
3. Fang Shiying silicon
Fang Shiying is a silicon powder made by a unique, high-quality process using natural quartz. The crystal structure of the high-purity silica can be permanently changed by rapid cooling after calcination at high temperatures. Its chemical properties are stable, its particle size is controlled, and it has a reasonable or orderly distribution. It is widely utilized.
4. Active silicon fine powder
The surface of silicon particles is treated with silane to improve the hydrophobicity of the fine silicon powder. This also enhances its mechanical, electronic and chemical properties. The main purpose of surface-treatment of silicon fine powder is to improve performance of the filler.
As the technology industry continues to advance, species numbers will increase.

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