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Rust preventive oils are used to lubricate and protect metal surfaces from atmospheric corrosion. They are usually formulated with polar substances that allow them to adhere and film the metal surfaces thus preventing corrosion. rust preventive oil formulations are made to be either solvent or oil based depending on the intended use of the product and required level of protection. Solvent based rust preventive oils can be diluted with mineral turpentine oil to make solvent based rust preventive oil, while oil based rust preventives can be diluted with low or high viscous base oils to make oil based rust preventive oil.

Many of the rust preventive products in the market are a blend of different additives and the performance of these mixtures is determined by the combination. Therefore, a good understanding of the additives and their properties is necessary in order to formulate the best rust preventive oil.

For a rust preventive oil to be effective, it should have both excellent water removal performance and good rust prevention ability. However, it is often difficult to maintain both types of performance when the same washing rust preventive oil is reused. This is especially true when a chloride, a foreign matter that causes rust generation, and/or water is attached to the metal surface after a preceding process of working such as cutting or pressing.

The present invention provides a rust preventive oil composition comprising a lubricant base oil, a nonionic surfactant having a hydrophilic-lipophilic index of 10-12 in an amount of 0.1-10 mass % based on the total amount of the rust preventive oil composition and at least one rust preventive additive selected from the group consisting of sarcosine compounds, sulfonic acid salts, esters, amines, carboxylic acids, fatty acid amine salts, paraffin waxes, oxidized wax salts, alkyl or alkenyl succinic acid derivatives, and boron compounds.

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