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Tantalum is a refractory blue-grey metal. It is chemically inert and has a high melting point making it ideal for crucibles used in production of advanced alloys. It also has good corrosion resistance and is an excellent choice for lining cathode plates in vacuum furnaces. Other applications include sputter targets and capacitors. Tantalum is brittle but is very tough, and its density makes it a preferred material for medical devices such as stents and surgical screws.

Machined fasteners fabricated from tantalum replace fasteners made of alternative materials prone to failure or that require costly equipment shutdowns for replacement. Because of its radio-opaque qualities, tantalum is commonly used in X-ray shielding and radiation processing. Its oxidation resistance and high melting point also make it a popular choice for vacuum furnace components.

Rexton steel & alloys is offering a wide range of tantalum bar which are available in various shapes and sizes. These bars are ideally used for scientific research and industrial production. They are available at a reasonable price so that you can easily afford them.

These bars are manufactured from a premium quality tantalum and are inspected by the third party to ensure that they meet all industry standards. Several tests are performed on these bars, including positive material test, pitting corrosion test, tensile strength, flaring as well as flattening test. After passing all these tests, they are packaged and shipped in a good quality package. These bars can be availed in hex, round and rectangular forms.

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