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Gallium Nitride: Overview This is a semiconductor with a direct energy-gap and an inorganic compound with the chemical formula GaN. Since 1990 it is commonly used in the manufacture of light-emitting devices. The compound’s structure is similar to that of wurtzite and has high hardness. Gallium Nitride has an energy gap of about 3.4 electron-volts. This can be useful in high-power, high-speed optoelectronic component. Gallium nitride is used, for instance, in violet laser diodes as well as non-linear solid-state semiconductor pumped lasers. The conditions allow for the production of a laser that emits a violet light (405nm).
Gallium Nitride: Properties and Stability
1. Avoid contact with oxidizers, heat and moisture.
2. GaN starts to decompose at 1050degC: 2GaN(s)=2Ga(g)+N2(g). GaN crystals are hexagonal and belong to a wurtzite-type lattice system, according to X ray diffraction.
3. It is known that GaN remains stable even at high temperatures. The vapor pressure of GaN at 1130 degrees is lower than what can be calculated using enthalpy, entropy and temperature. This is due the presence of polymer molecule (GaN)x.
4. Cold or hot water, diluted or concentrated hydrochloric or sulfuric acids, or cold HF 40% are not able to decompose GaN. It is stable with cold concentrated alkali. However, it can dissolve when heated.
Gallium nitride material introduction
GaN is the current hotspot and frontier in semiconductor research. It is a semiconductor material used for microelectronics and optoelectronics. Along with other semiconductor materials, such as SIC or diamond, this material is known as a successor to the Ge and Si of the first generations. Semiconductor material, second-generation GaAs and InP compound semiconductors materials. It has a wide bandgap with strong atomic bonds. It also has high thermal conductivity. It’s used in high-temperature and high-power devices, as well as in optoelectronics.

What is the gallium nitride charge?
Gallium nitride can be described as the core material for third-generation semiconductors. Comparing gallium nitride with silicon, it has a larger bandgap. Gallium Nitride has a larger bandgap than silicon, and can also withstand higher voltages. With the two materials at the same volume, the gallium nitride material is far more efficient.
Gallium nitride can be found in many products that are used for power management. Gallium nitride chargers can provide faster charging times and smaller volumes.
Users will benefit from faster charging but not more volume. Due to the GaN material’s characteristics, the charger can be made smaller and lighter, and it will also have a significant increase in the heat generated and the efficiency of conversion. Many products like CPUs, charger heads, etc. will have a significant decrease in heating efficiency.

What is the price of gallium-nitride charger?
They are also very easy to use. These chargers are small and have a higher efficiency. They can be used to meet many of the demands of modern life, but are expensive.
According to current market prices, a 120w GaN notebook charger will cost around 300 Yuan. That is two or three times more than the standard 120w charger. Comparing the 120W GaN to the 65W GaN, it is roughly three times more expensive. A 120w charger will buy a normal 120w computer power supply plus a GaN 65w charger.

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