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nano silver solution is a highly effective antibacterial agent, with very low toxicity. It can be applied to many types of healthcare products such as burns and scald dressings; skin donor and recipient sites, acne and cavity wounds; and feminine hygiene products (tampons and panty liners). Silver will combine with the cell walls of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, directly get inside and combined with sulphydryl group of oxygenic metabolic enzymes to deactivate them. It will also inhibit bacterial multiplication and growth. Silver will not oxidize under normal condition. It will not irritate the skin and is safe to use, even for long time exposure.

The silver nanoparticles in Mesosilver(tm) remain colloidal by virtue of particle zeta potential. The particle size is regulated by the voltage, current, and dielectric fluid during ESD discharge process to ensure stability of the nanosilver colloid. The process is free of surfactants and other toxic chemical agents that may influence its effectiveness as an antimicrobial.

Some research suggests that the silver ions released by the particles can kill microbes by making their cells leaky. But it’s not clear how much of this is happening in real life — or how to measure it. The problem is that studies have used Petri dishes to study how the silver particles damage cells, but a cell inside a living creature works differently than one in a lab. So it’s not yet known how much of the silver is actually getting into people’s bodies and causing harm, says Ramune Reliene, a cancer researcher at the State University of New York in Albany.

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