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mercury ii nitrate monohydrate is a white crystalline, poisonous chemical. It can be prepared by reacting elemental mercury with hot concentrated nitric acid and is sometimes used as a reagent. This reaction is also used in the preparation of mercury fulminate, an explosive, and in laboratory mercuration reactions. The compound was formerly used to treat fur for use in making felt hats. It is commonly believed that the use of mercury compounds by hatters led to the phrase “mad as a hatter”.

Mercury II Nitrate decomposes on heating and releases toxic oxides of nitrogen. It should be stored away from flammable substances, reducing agents, and combustible materials. The substance is a powerful oxidizer and can cause an explosion if it is exposed to flame for prolonged periods of time. This compound can absorb through skin and should be handled with proper protective equipment.

The ACS Reagent Grade designation is the highest quality available for chemicals and indicates that this product meets or exceeds stringent synthesis and safety specifications set by the American Chemical Society. This product was originally part of the Acros Organics brand portfolio and has been transitioned to the Thermo Scientific Chemicals brand. Some documentation and labeling may refer to the previous brand. This material may be regulated by Local, State, or Federal laws. Please consult your environmental regulatory agency for more information. This product requires a hazardous waste manifest and must be shipped with an appropriate Hazardous Waste Manifest.

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