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Overview of Aluminum Nitride Aluminum nitride (Aluminum Nitride) is a non-toxic crystal that belongs to the hexagonal system.
How to make aluminum nitride
The carbothermic reduction technique involves heat treating aluminum oxide, or aluminum hydroxide between 1400 and 1800degC with nitrogen or ammonia as a reducer.
What are the uses of aluminum nitride
In the present, most research is aimed at developing a light-emitting device based on a semiconductor (gallium oxide or alloy aluminum nitride), which operates under ultraviolet light and has a wavelength of 250 nanometers. Aluminum nitride has many uses in optoelectronics. It is used as a dielectric in optical storage interfaces, electronic substrates, chip carriers with high thermal conductivity and even for military purposes.
A surface acoustic-wave detector also uses epitaxial stretching due to the piezoelectric effects of aluminum Nitride. The detector will then be mounted on the silicon wafer. The thin film can only be manufactured reliably in very few places.
It has good thermal conductivity and a low expansion coefficient. It can also be used to make heat exchangers for high-temperature structural components.
It can be used to melt metals such Al, Cu Ag and Pb.

How to package and ship aluminum nitride flakes
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Vacuum packaging is used for powder packaging. There are 4 general specifications of packaging: 100 g/bag; 500 g/bag; and 25 kg/barrel. You can package it according to your specific needs.

Rapid inactivation SARS-CoV-2 using silicon nitride and copper and aluminum nitride
Silicon nitride has successfully inactivated SARS CoV-2. The surface release of disinfectants that contain nitrogen is the mechanism. Copper and aluminum nitride are both effective at inactivating viruses. Although the first compound affects the cells, the second compound has a toxic effect. It is necessary to conduct further research to confirm these findings, and to investigate if silicon-nitride may be used to coat personal protective gear and surfaces that are frequently touched to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases.

China’s sensor industry will benefit from aluminum nitride ceramic substrate
The higher the integration, the faster and better the performance of a device in microelectronics is the smaller the size of the integrated chip. The Internet of Things is also deployed when the sensor size of the system is smaller. It is easier to use and performs better. The hardware requirements for this are also higher. Its core is the chip sensor. Currently, China has a small number of large-scale manufacturers, mostly medium-sized ones. The main chip materials are FR-4 substrates, and aluminum substrates. Aluminum nitride-ceramic substrates were used extensively in developed countries. Aluminum nitride Ceramic Substrates have improved thermal conductivity and insulation, as well as better stability. They are the prized possession of top-notch sensor manufacturers.

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