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Isodecanol Ethoxylates are a powerful dispersant, wetting and emulsifier. They can be used as a substitute for alkylphenol polyoxyethylene in detergents and textile additives.Content (%): 95
Isodecanol Etoxylates – What you need to know
Isodecanol isomers are alcohol ethers that are effective dispersants and emulsifiers. Isodecanol isothoxylates have a benzene-ring structure and are a good substitute for alkylphenol in detergents and textile additives.
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Isodecanol Etoxylates Product Performance:
It is soluble in water, and does not form gel. It can also be used in conjunction with various cationic, non-ionic and anionic surfactants. It is also a good wettability and permeability.

Technical Parameter Isodecanol Ethoxylates
Product Code (%) Cloud point HLB pH Appearance
Isodecanol ethoxylatesS2 99 70-74 [E] 12.5 6.5-7.5 A colorless liquid that is transparent to milky-white.

Applications Isodecanol ethoxylates:
Isodecanol Ethoxylates can be used in many different fields, including penetrants, cleaning agents with solvents, cleaning agents for hard surfaces, detergents based on neutral water, detergents based on neutral metal, detergents based on alkaline or acidic water, detergents based upon neutral metal, detergents based upon neutral water, detergents based on alkaline or acidic water, detergents based upon solvents, detergents based by solvents and other
In industry it is also used as a leather degreasing agents, wool degreasing agents, textile scouring agents.
Packing & Shipping of Isodecanol ethoxylates
There are different packing options depending on Isodecanol Etoxylates quantities.
Isodecanol ethoxylates packing: 1kg/bottle or 25kg/barrel.
Isodecanol ethoxylates shipping: Upon receipt of payment, goods can be shipped by air, sea, or express as quickly as possible.

Isodecanol ethoxylates Properties

Alternative Names N/A
CAS Number N/A
Compound Formula RO(CH2CH2O)nH
Molecular Mass N/A
Appearance A colorless liquid that is transparent to milky-white.
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Count N/A

Isodecanol ethoxylates Health & Safety Information

Sign Word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information

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