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Overview of cadmium Sulfide CdS stands for cadmium Sulfide. It is an inorganic compound. The a-form consists of a powder that is yellow-lemon, while the b-form consists of orange-red powdery powdery crystals. , Glass glaze, enamel, luminescent materials, pigments.
What is cadmium Sulfide used for?
1. Cadmium yellow can be used as a colorant for enamel, glass and ceramics.
2. Electronic fluorescent material is used in paint, plastics and other industries.
3. Cadmium yellow can be used to colour almost all resins. It is also translucent in plastics.
4. CdS Nanoparticles, as a great photographic developer can be used to diagnose cancer and other diseases. They can also be used to treat cancer cells.
5. CdS can be used as a tool to investigate the biological activity of foodborne bacteria and fungi.
Cadmium sulfur is mainly used in pigments. Cadmium selenide and sulfide are used to make photoresistors, solar cells, catalysts, etc. Zinc sulfide, a light yellow color containing cadmium, is used to make polyethylene. Molding and processing should be done as quickly as possible as zinc sulfide can cause polyethylene to decompose and turn green. Cadmium Yellow is not as stable in the environment as cadmium Red, so it’s mostly used for indoor plastic products. It is important to not mix Cadmium Yellow with pigments that contain copper or copper-based salts. This will prevent the formation of green copper sulfate or black copper sulfur. Mixing blue and Cadmium Yellow pigments will give you green.

Is cadmium sulfide poisonous?
Cadmium sulfide can be toxic, particularly when inhaled. Cadmium compounds in general are considered carcinogens. There have been biocompatibility concerns when CdS was used as a tattoo color.
What is the best way to store CdS?
Cadmium sulfide must be vacuum packed in an air-tight container and kept in a cool, dry place.

Packaging and transportation of CdS Powder:
Packing: Vacuum packaging 100g,500g or 1kg/bag or drum.
Transportation: After receiving the payment receipt, you can ship it out as quickly as possible by sea, air or express.
Consult directly the following methods for different prices and specifications.

Scientists have developed a highly selective conversion of carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide conversion technology is a way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and obtain fuels that have a high value. The electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide technology offers the advantage that it is possible to operate at normal pressure and temperature, as well as achieving the artificial closed cycle. This method can also be used for chemical fuel synthesis and the utilization of renewable energies. It is difficult to implement the carbon dioxide electroreduction technique in industry due to the difficulty of realizing the application. This is because the technology requires a rational design, controllable synthesis, and an understanding of the catalytic mechanisms.
The researchers suggested that the “near neighbour effect” of a nano-needle’s tip would promote the electro-reduction of CO2. The structure of cadmium sulfur nano-needle was developed through high-throughput screening in the intelligent micro-wave reactor. The study concluded that as the distances between the needle tips decreased, the enrichment in potassium ions would continue to grow. Due to the “near neighbour enrichment effect”, the performance of this multi nano-tip cadmium catalyst is superior to other transition metal chalcogenide catalysts.

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