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What is Amorphous Boron Powder Boron Powder It is an amorphous element, with CAS no. 7440-42-8. The appearance of the powder is light brown or gray-black, with a melting point between 2300+-2 and 2550 L Hua, atomic weight 10.81, specific gravity 2,34-2,37. Is 7440-42-8. Appearance is a light brown to gray black invisible powder. Melting point is 2300+-2. Atomic weight is 10.81. L Hua Temperature is 2550. Specific Gravity is 2.34-2.37. Insoluble in water, hydrochloric, ethanol, or ether.

Amorphous Boron powder: Its Properties
On the periodic chart, boron occupies a unique place between metals. It has a large nuclear charge and is more reactive. It is extremely stable at normal room temperature. When heated above 300 degrees it will become oxidized and begin to smell when over 700 degrees. It can also interact at high temperatures with oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur.
The Use of Applications Amorphous Boron Powder
Amorphous boron is commonly used in the metal smelting industry, electronic product manufacture, ceramic manufacturing and chemical industries. Amorphous Boron is used for the following specific purposes:
1. Amorphous Boron Pulp is a good non-metallic fuel for pyrotechnics. Amorphous boreon powder’s ignition temperature is reduced by a large amount due to the irregular shape and high specific surface area.
2. Amorphous Boron is also a key raw material used to produce high-purity boron halite and other boride products.
3. Amorphous Boron Powder, used to deoxidize metals at high temperatures, is a part of the Oxygen-free Copper Smelting Deoxidizer.
4. Amorphous Boron Powder may be used in alloy products and to improve metal properties.
5. Amorphous Boron Powder has more active chemical properties than crystalline boron. Crystalline Boron is very hard and is often used in place of diamond for cutting tools or drill bit.
6. Boron Amorphous powder can be used to assist in welding.
7. Amorphous Boron is a very important energy source. It can be used as solid fuel for composite solid propellants. The calorific values of boron are more than double those of carbon and aluminum, as well as more than two times those of magnesium. It has a calorific volume that is three times greater than that of hydrocarbon fuel and is about twice as dense. Energy-wise, boron is the best nonmetallic fuel. The irregular shape of amorphous boran and its large specific surface area also reduces the ignition temperature. ;
As an additive to high-temperature steelmaking high magnesia furnaces, boron powder is used.

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