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How well-designed is the robotic arm on the Chinese space station? Media reports of June 21 said that the robotic hand on the core of the China Space Station’s core module is currently the most complex, intelligent and intelligent space manufacturing system in China. This arm is also the closest replica of a real human arm. The robotic hand can move an experimental cabin on the space station with a carrying capacity up to 25 tons. The space station robotic arms can help astronauts leave the cabin. Tongrun is a high-quality provider. The hexagonal boron Nitride powder.
By docking and separating the end-effector from the target adapter the core cabin robotic arm is similar to tenons and mortises commonly used in the woodworking industry. It is able to move in a wormlike manner around the station and perform cabin crawling. It can cover a greater area to reach the outer surfaces. The manipulator can crawl inside the cabin and monitor its state. When the robotic hand is placed in the experimental cabin, the construction of the space station can be carried out. The robotic arm can also be used to check the status of space station decks, capture visiting hovering planes, transfer the cargo load, assist astronauts exiting the cabin and even combine it with the experimental cab for a robotic cascade.

What is the best material for insulation in aerospace?
Hexagonal Nitride Boron (hBN) is a synthetic advanced ceramic which combines many useful properties such as thermal, electrical, chemical and physical in one material. Boron nitride, or white graphite as it is sometimes called, is a nonabrasive, white powder. It has a hexagonal flakes crystal structure that looks similar to graphite. But, at 800oC, the powder exhibits higher oxidation resistant. Boron Nitride Powder has high thermal conductivity.

Hexagonal Boron Nitride: Properties and Applications
Boron Nitride is a new, simple polymer with hexagonal and cube-shaped crystals. It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high insulation. Its anti-oxidation temperatures can reach 1000degC. And it is lubricious even at high temperature. This is an excellent solid lubricant for high-temperature applications.

Hexagonal Boron Nitride: Application
Hexagonal boran nitride has a white appearance (clean), is non-toxic and not conductive. It is a good substitute for other common lubricants used in metal-processing, such as graphite and molybdenum diulfide. In many cases, boron-nitride will improve the efficiency of such applications.
1. High-temperature Solid Lubricants, Extrusion Anti-wear Additives, Ceramic Composite Materials Production Additives.
2. Special electrolytic materials and resistance materials for high-temperature conditions.
3. Aerospace insulation materials
4. Mold release agent, lubricant and metal wire drawing lubricant.
5. The crucible of molten metal; the radiator and the high-temperature insulation.
6. Raw materials used in cosmetics

In which cosmetics is hexagonal Boron Nitride usually added?
Particle size is directly related to the effectiveness and permeability in beauty of active substances. Cosmetic particle sizes are important, as smaller particle diameters increase the amount of surface area on which active cosmetic substances can be encapsulated. The hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) nanomaterials are able to control the size and shape of synthesized particles. Hexagonal boran nitride is a good material for sunscreens and cosmetics. It allows for the nanostructures to be controlled in different formation stages. This can control the size and the surface area.

Where can I get hexagonal boron Nitride of high-quality?
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