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Gold stripe is a great screening bamboo that is very easy to grow and can achieve a full height screen in less than 18 months. It is one of the fastest and lowest maintenance screening bamboos that we offer, and it is also highly drought tolerant and hardy. It is an upright variety so it works very well in narrow garden beds and can even be planted in troughs or pots.

It has golden stripes on the lower part of the green culms and is densely leafed right down to ground level, making it very effective in narrow gardens or even a confined space. It is resistant to sooty mould unlike some multiplex bamboos and grows equally well in a sunny, shaded or dappled position. It is a fast growing bamboo, and it is extremely hardy and tolerant of frosts once established.

The clumping nature of goldstrip means that it can easily be separated to form new plants and can be grown as a hedge or feature. It is a hardy plant that thrives in a wide range of climates, but it requires consistent moisture and good drainage in order to perform at its best. It is not recommended to be grown in wet or mucky soil, but is very successful in most situations once it has been adapted.

American Elements specializes in producing high purity uniformly shaped Gold Strips. This product is available as rod, ingot, powder, pieces, disc, granules, and wire and follows applicable ASTM testing standards.

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