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gold bromide is a compound of the element gold and the halogen atom, bromine. It is used in chemistry to study gold and other noble metals. gold bromide is an inorganic, highly reactive chemical species that is readily soluble in water.

It is a highly hygroscopic compound that should be stored in a tightly closed opaque container and kept dry. It is also light sensitive and may decompose upon exposure to ultraviolet light. When heated, gold bromide decomposes to form the inorganic metallic gold and the nonmetallic compound, auric tribromide. The latter crystallises as blackish needles or scarlet plates and is a black-coloured substance that is less soluble in water than gold trichloride.

The mPLATE method uses a laser focused on a gold seed electrode in a solution containing a small concentration of AuIIIBr4 – to photoreduce it to AuIBr2 -. The resulting gold is then electroplated onto the seed electrode using an electrochemical potential that can selectively reduce AuIBr2 – and not AuIIIBr4 -. This ensures that the deposited gold is pure and does not contain a large amount of AuIIIBr4 -.

The leaching of gold from ores is normally carried out by cyanide solutions but environmental issues have led to the development of alternative lixiviants such as thiourea [8], thiocyanate, and glycine. These are typically more environmentally friendly but require longer residence times and have complex chemical kinetics that cannot be easily evaluated with classical statistical methods.

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