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The formula for barium phosphide is Ba3(PO4)2. It is used in several industrial processes to create glasses with unique properties. It can also be used as a proton-conducting material in fuel sensors and for pulsed lasers. Inhaling or swallowing this compound is dangerous and can cause eye and mucous membrane irritation.

Barium is a soft, silvery alkaline earth metal that never occurs free in nature. It is found in the minerals baryte and witherite, as well as in the water-soluble barium salts (notably sulfate). Barium compounds are often used as X-ray contrast agents for examination of the digestive tract. These are also known as radiopaque agents because they block X-rays and make the internal organs show up clearly on a scan.

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient and is found in many foods. It plays a role in the formation of bones and teeth, as well as in the metabolism of sugars and fats. It is also required for the production of proteins that are essential for the growth and repair of tissues and cells.

Barium phosphate can be produced by reacting inorganic barium carbonate with metaphosphoric acid. This compound is a colourless solid that usually occurs in powder form and has a faint acetic acid flavour. It is insoluble in water but dissolves readily in acidic aqueous solutions. Barium phosphate is toxic if inhaled or swallowed and can cause irritation of the eyes, mouth and mucous membranes. If it is inhaled, medical attention should be sought immediately.

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