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Aluminum nitride is an aluminum and nitrogen inorganic solid with the chemical formula AlN. This material is a very important III-V semi conductor with many outstanding properties such as high thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and excellent corrosion resistance.

It is widely used in electronic, light and field- emission devices because of its outstanding characteristics such as high thermal conductivity (320 Wm10 -1 K-1), low dielectric constant, wide band gap, and low thermal expansion coefficient. It is also very stable in hydrogen and carbon dioxide atmospheres up to 980degC.

The most common aluminum nitride preparation method is carbothermal reduction of aluminum oxide in the presence of gaseous nitrogen or ammonia. This method is easy to use and produces dense technical grade materials. However, it takes a long time to complete the reaction and so the production cost increases.

Another method is direct nitriding of aluminum powder in the presence of nitrogen. This method is relatively simple and is suitable for industrial mass production. It is able to achieve a high concentration of the compound in the powder.

The nitriding process can be controlled by a supply of reaction controller gas which can be provided at a predetermined temperature and partial gas pressure. This can reduce the rate of development of the nitriding reaction and control the particle diameters of produced aluminum nitride. Moreover, it can also control the amount of oxidation products formed in the powder. Thus, it is useful for controlling the process and reducing the cost.

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