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Alumina (aluminum oxide) powder is a ceramic material used in a wide range of industries. It is a popular filler and abrasive, especially for wear and corrosion protection. It is also commonly used in cements and substrates of electronic materials.

Characteristics of the Powder

The most important characteristics of al2o3 powder include: high melting point, good thermal stability, excellent electric insulator, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and inertness in both acid and alkali environments. It is used in a variety of industrial fields, such as rubber and resin filler, coatings, abrasives, and catalysts.

Glass Forming Oxide Particle Size Distribution

The particle size of an alumina powder is an important factor for its application and quality. A reliable measuring instrument is essential to accurately distinguish the different particle sizes. In addition, agglomerates may affect the properties of an alumina powder.

In order to assess the amorphous phase in g-Al2O3 and l-al2o3 powders, we performed a combined neutron and X-ray phase analysis. The results showed that g-Al2O3 exhibits a characteristic real space atomic arrangement, which is completely outside of Zachariasen’s rules, and a high fraction of edge-sharing polyhedral motifs. Moreover, the SN,X(Q) data are reproduced well by MD-RMC simulations. Moreover, the first sharp diffraction peak of pseudo-Bragg planes34 and the FSDP are not present in g-Al2O3; these features indicate that g-Al2O3 is not a typical glass forming oxide. However, this material can stably exist as glass due to its dense oxygen packing structure.

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