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A cesium dichromate is a chemical compound consisting of the metal element cesium and the nonmetal element chromium. The chemical formula is Cs2SO3 or CsCrO3. The two components are produced in the same process, namely electrolytic decomposition of a solution of potassium dichromate. The decomposition is driven by a negative electric potential created by the presence of sulfate and chromate anions at the cathode. The reaction is reversible and cesium is converted from the hexavalent to the trivalent state in the resulting solution.

In a typical industrial application, the hexavalent chromium forms the toxic oxide, chromate(VI) and it is thus important to reduce its release from the solution. This can be achieved by using a getter material. In the present invention, the inventors propose a dispenser that can permeate cesium vapor through a porous body formed of a getter material.

The dispenser consists of a container containing the cesium compound and a reducing agent. It is enclosed by a foil with a depression 13 that can be positioned in the center of the container. The depression 13 is surrounded by through holes that are formed by cold working the said foil.

The hexavalent chromium can be removed from the aqueous solution by contacting the cesium compound with a getter material, such as natural zeolite or CTAB-zeolite, and allowing the hexavalent chromium to diffuse into the pores of the adsorbent. The adsorption is monitored by radiometric and spectrophotometric analysis of the aqueous solution.

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