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How important is TaSi2 Powder? Tantalum silicate Has a low melting point, low resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and high temperature oxidation resistance. It is also well-suited for use in combination with carbon, silicon, and other matrix substances. These materials have been used extensively as integrated circuit link lines, gate materials and antioxidant coatings, which are all part of high-temperature structures, electric heating components and electronic devices. This can be used in fine ceramic raw materials, semiconductor equipment and electrical contractors. The metal silicide is also compatible with silicon integrated circuit production due to its similar conductivity, high temperature performance, oxidation resistance and metal conductivity. You can use transition metal silicide for inner and low resistance lines, Schobase gates and resistance contact.
Which are the methods for synthesising tantalum silicide
With the silicon powder and the metal tantalum, crush the silicon and put it into a graphite oven for heating to 1100-100-1500. Then pass through to the hydrogen. Finally, heating to 800 will result in tantalum silicate. You can also reduce tantalum peroxide with calcium hydroxide and make tantalum hydride. Then heat 1800 tantalum metallic to produce tantalum silicate. For the second type of reaction, the Si/Ta mixture was heated to 350 degrees before being heated to 1480. You can also allow TaS2 reaction with SiHnX4–n to occur at 900 Direct is the third option. As follows, tantalum powder and silicon powder are combined to make Tantalum Silicate. To prepare tantalum silicate, first crush and mix the metal tantalum with silicon powder. Then heat to 11001500 in a graphite oven for pre-reaction. After the injection of hydrogen, it is heated up to 1800C for a homogenization process for 1 h. This will produce tantalum silicate. Fourth tantalum pentoxide reduction process: first reduce the calcium with hydroxide to get tantalum hydrochloride. Next, heat tantalum metal to 1800 and add silicon powder to create tantalum silicate.

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TaSi2 powder purity also has a different market price. Dynamic changes are taking place in TaSi2 Pulp price. We are available to assist you at all times.

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