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calcium chloride solution is a soluble mixture of the chemical compound calcium chloride and water. It is used in a wide range of applications, including de-icing roads and sidewalks, treating swimming pools to control “calcium hardness” for improved clarity, and in the manufacture of glass, textiles, and plastics. It is also a metal hardener and etching agent for the electronics industry. American Elements produces a wide variety of standard and specialty solutions to customer specifications as well as in the laboratory. Our solution production facilities are located in the United States, Northern Europe (Liverpool, UK), Southern Europe (Milan, Italy), and China to allow us to meet our customers’ unique needs while maintaining high quality standards. We can provide a variety of stoichiometric concentrations and can package in drums, small units, or larger liquid totes depending on your application. We can also produce to a broad set of standards, such as Mil Spec, ACS, and Reagent Grades; Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grades; Optical, Research and Electronics Grades.

Calcium chloride is a white crystalline solid at room temperature, but is highly soluble in water. Its solubility allows it to be sprayed onto the surface of roadways to prevent winter weathering and give the road a wet appearance even in dry conditions. It is also used in concrete and as an additive to asphalt for dust control, in industrial processing such as coal freeze-proofing, and in oil and gas drilling for mud slurry formulations. It is added to some foods as a firming agent, particularly vegetable or fruit juices and tofu, to make a caviar substitute; and in the brewing process to correct mineral deficiencies in the water for optimum flavor and reaction.

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