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Aluminum magnesium borate, also known as Al3Mg3B56 or BAM in colloquial terms, is a combination of aluminum magnesium and boron. Its molecular formula nominal is AlMgB14. However, its chemical composition is closer Al0.75Mg0.75B14. This ceramic alloy is known for its high wear resistance, low coefficients of sliding friction (recorded at 0.04 under unlubricated conditions, and 0.02 with lubricated AlMgB14/TiB2 composites). BAM’s orthogonal structure, which consists of four icosahedral B12 unit cells per cell, was first described in 1970. It is common to use a superhard material that has a similar thermal expansion coefficient as other materials such as concrete or steel. Performances in everyday applications of aluminum-magnesium boreide product
Aluminum cabinet ceramics are resistant to high temperatures, scratches, oils, easy cleaning, water resistance and impact resistance. They also have a long life span, are affordable, and provide cost benefits.
Environmental protection is the first priority. Even if the cabinet plate is environmentally-friendly, it will still use glue because the entire sheet is made from particleboard and MDF. There will be formaldehyde in the cabinet panels even if they meet the standards for environmental protection.
2. Good performance: not only durable, environmental friendly, and meets waterproof, fireproof, and pest control three requirements. Other functions include resistance to acid, cleaning, good oil resistant, scratch, and more. Cabinets that are not replaceable.
3. Rugged and durable : durable. Yes, wooden cabinets have a life span of 10 years or less. Ceramic cabinets are at least as old as the house itself, and even more. The main framework of the cabinet is composed of ceramic tiles, aluminum and is therefore more robust than a general
The frame of the entire cabinet is made from durable wood.
BAM, the most slippery material on earth
The composition of Aluminum Magnesium Boride is unique, giving it an advantage. The material has an extremely low coefficients of friction and excellent hardness.
“Its toughness was discovered accidentally.” Alan Russell, an materials scientist from Ames Iowa State University said, “We had a bad time when we tried to cut, grind or polish it.”
The friction coefficient is less than half that of Teflon. Teflon is known to have a friction coefficient 0.05. BAM, however, has a friction of 0.02. For a reference, steel has a frictional coefficient of 0.16.
This new material, which is available in a thin coating that can be used on a variety of surfaces, offers the same benefits for energy efficiency and longevity as BAM. BAM can be estimated to save US industries 330 trillion kilojoules (or 9 billion kilowatt hours) every year by 2030. That’s equivalent to 179 million dollars in annual savings.
We are currently studying the mechanical properties to determine why this material has such dexterity. A material normally only displays characteristics like hardness and low friction. Both phenomena are new and highly prevalent in the material.
BAM is a solution to the worst nightmare for every engineer: friction. Friction reduces the performance of a machine, uses a lot of power, and increases the complexity of its design. BAM is able to relieve most of this stress, by providing a super-hard, incredibly smooth, material that allows for the machine being much longer than it has ever been before.
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