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What is activated aluminum?

Activated Alumina also known as “activated” alumina is often referred to simply as “activated”, as it uses alumina as the catalyst. It is porous and high-dispersion material that has a large amount of surface area. It has many of the properties required for catalysis such as excellent thermal stability, adsorption, and surface activity. The white spherical adsorbent spheres of activated alumina are porous. The activated aluminum has a smooth surface with uniform size particles, high mechanical resistance, good hygroscopicity and does not crack or swell after absorbing the water. It is non-toxic and odorless. The activated alumina can effectively dry out trace water. It is suitable for heatless regeneration equipment.

Uses for activated alumina

The main uses of activated alumina are in water purifiers (adsorbents), catalysts and carrier catalysts. The adsorption of gas, liquid moisture and water vapor is possible with activated alumina. It is possible to revive the adsorption by heating between 175315°C in order to remove any remaining water. You can perform the adsorption process and resurrection multiple times. As well as being used for desiccants, it can absorb the vapors from lubricating oil polluted with oxygen, hydrogen or carbon dioxide. It can also serve as a catalyst, catalyst carrier, and chromatographic analysis carrier.

It is used for defluorinating drinking water that contains high levels of fluorine, for defluorinating circulating alkanes to produce alkylbenzene in transformer oil, for deacidification regeneration in textile and electronics industries, for gas drying in the oxygen and textile industries, and for electronic industry. The dew point of the product can reach as low as -40 degrees Celsius. In other industries, such a chemical fertilizer or petrochemical dryer, it can also be used to purify and desiccate. It is a desiccant that can be used to dry out trace water. It is a great choice for non-heat regenerative devices.

Activated Alumina is a material with a large surface area. It also has many surface properties, including a wide range of pore structure and distribution. It is used in many different applications, including adsorbents.

Alumina used as an adsorbent or catalyst carrier is a specialty chemical. Its high specificity, as well as its many grades and varieties, is due to the fact that different applications have varying requirements in terms of physical structure. Statistically, the amount used to make alumina catalysts and carriers exceeds the total amount used for catalysts found in silica, activated carbons, diatomaceous, and molecular sieve. This shows alumina’s central role in carriers and catalysts.

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