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A nano-gold solution Made from high-purity raw gold. Gold is reduced to a particle size less than 15nm using a special processing technique. This improves gold’s inherent properties such as its catalytic, radical-removal, and dispersion effects. Physical index
Indicator name: AuS-WM1000
Appearance: purple liquid
Solid content: >=1000ppm
PH: 7.0+-0.5
Particle size: >=15nm
Density: 1.01g/ml
Gold purity: 99.9999%
Preparation method
Prepare a PVP Solution with a Concentration of 1.01×10-4 Mol/L. A HAuCl4*4H2O with a Concentration of 2.44×10-3 Mol/L is also available. Add 80 mL tridistilled water, 10 mL the chloroauric acids solution, or 10 mL the no-protection agent solution to the beaker. Place the beaker in the digital speed constant temperature magnetic stirring machine, set the speed to 600 r/min and stir. After heating the solution to 75°C, maintain the temperature for two minutes. Add a volume of reducing agents (Na3C6H5O7 and NaBH4) to the mixture, immediately add, begin timing, keep liquid color constant, continue heating the mixture for 9 minutes. Nano gold solution .

Efficient catalysis;
Free radical removal;
Antibacterial Effect
Strong antioxidant capacity
To promote metabolism
Corrosion resistant;
Friction resistance
Anti-corrosion performance;
It is not allergic to any type of skin.
Useful Information
Food, glass and organisms coloring agent.
For use in genetic identification technologies.
Use for refining environmental purification product.
Preservatives used in food and cosmetics
Addition of this ingredient to cosmetics has whitening, antiaging, and moisturizing benefits.
Production of medical equipment, health-care products, and beauty-care equipment.
Produce food, drinks and other daily necessities. They are all closely linked to people’s daily lives. Nano-gold toothpaste, facial masks, and soaps.
Development History
Paracelsus was an outstanding physician and pharmacist in the 16th Century who prepared “drinking Gold” for mental illnesses. Nano gold solution Science has been on stage. When British scientist Faraday, who was studying Dalton’s theory in 1857 used gold chloride, to reduce a gold-nanoparticle solution, he found that when a small amount electrolyte was added, the solution turned from ruby red to blue before agglomerating to nothing. The addition of gelatin, or any macromolecular substance can stop this process. The reason for his discovery was not known, but it laid the foundations of the use and application of Nano-gold. In 1885 the Nano-gold Solution was frequently used as the primary ingredient in treating alcoholism in America. Dr. Koch discovered in 1890 that Mycobacterium Tuberculosis cannot survive on the surface gold. Nano-gold treatment for arthritis was introduced in 1890. Discovered that Nano-gold can relieve pain in patients and strengthen their bodies. Kausche & Ruska, in 1939, used an electron microscopy to observe the tobacco virus, labeled by gold particles. These particles had a very high electron density. Faulk and Taylor pioneered the use of Nano-gold labeling in 1971 by using immunogold staining to combine anti-Salmonella rabbit serum with Nano gold particles.

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