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alumina ball is an abrasion and corrosion resistant ceramic ball used in a variety of applications. Its high hardness, high-temperature resistance, electric insulation properties, and low thermal expansion make it a good choice for bearing parts and pump applications.

T-99 PROX-SVERS (r) alumina balls are the optimum catalyst bed support media for high purity monomers and other reactive chemicals. These sintered Al2O3 balls, with a low level of silica and other impurities, are essentially inert in most chemical environments.

68 Percent Alumina Grinding Balls

Alumina grinding balls are abrasion resistant, high-density and low wear-resistant abrasive media for ball mills. They’re manufactured by isostatic pressure molding, and they are a superior alternative to natural or common ball stones.

92 Percent Alumina Grinding Balls

Compared to the 68%, 75%, and 80% alumina balls, 92 percent alumina grinding balls have the same abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, but they are more expensive. This type of alumina ball is made from top-quality materials and has the latest molding technology.

These alumina grinding balls are highly durable and can last up to 20 times longer than standard balls. They also increase the efficiency of your ball mill by 40-60%, which helps save energy and money.

alumina balls are lighter than steel and much harder. They are also more lubrication-resistant, which means they can run longer and smoother than steel balls.

They’re available in a range of sizes, from 2.5mm to 60mm. Their high-density and hardness allow them to be used in most types of ball mills.

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