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aluminum brick is a high-performance refractory material that has excellent thermal and corrosion properties. It is widely used in furnaces of metal-making, cement, chemical and refinery industries as well as various heat treatment furnaces.

This type of refractory is made from alumina, silica and magnesium. It has high sintering temperature, high refractoriness under load and low thermal expansion efficiency. It also has excellent volume stability and corrosion resistance.

Firebricks are composed of non-metallic materials that are formed into a variety of shapes for use in refractory structures. These materials are a mixture of clay, hydrated silicates, and minerals of high aluminum oxide content.

The presence of lime in the brick clay enables the required amount of silica to melt at about 1100 degrees Celsius and binds the particles together to make the brick strong and durable. However, the excess of lime in the brick clay will cause the brick to vitrify and break down.

In addition to alumina, the brick should contain calcium carbide (CaC2) as binding agent. The calcium carbide can strengthen the strength of the brick and increase its ductility. It also has a high hardness and good tensile and impact strength.

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