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For years, it was a common practice for automakers to use cast iron engine blocks. However, most of them have shifted to using aluminum blocks because they are cheaper, easier to repair and more durable.

Advantages of iron blocks

The main benefit of an iron engine block is that it is stronger than its aluminum counterpart. Because of this, it can handle high pressures without deflecting or bending as much.

It’s also able to handle a lot of power and boost. This is important because it can help you get more performance out of your engine.

Rust-resistant: Iron is less prone to rusting than aluminum, making it easier for you to clean the cylinders regularly and prevent engine damage.

Better heat dissipation: The aluminum material doesn’t absorb as much heat as the iron one does, allowing your engine to last longer.

Easier to repair: It’s easy to repair an aluminum block, whereas repairing an iron block is a lot more difficult.

Less weight: It’s a well-known fact that aluminum is lighter than iron, which makes it easier for your vehicle to accelerate. This helps improve your gas mileage and reduces wear on your tires.

More power: It’s a common misconception that an aluminum block produces a lot less horsepower than an iron block, but that’s not true. A well-made aluminum block can produce as much horsepower as an iron block, which is why it’s popular for high-performance applications.

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